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On this Wintergatan Wednesday I am reacting to so many AMAZING Marble Machine covers! Please share and enjoy, and go give all the cover creators a lot of love on their channels. I have completed the playlist for all the full videos here: Today it is exactly one year ago we released the Marble Machine Video. There is no better way to celebrate this anniversary, seing all these versions has been an incredible experience for me. THANK YOU!!! / Martin Let me give you a tip about one video that wasnt in this video: It is the Plywood Stepper Organ creation by Josh Sheldon, he built it inspired by the Marble Machine take a look here: Josh Sheldon - Stepper Motor Organ I will make a playlist with all the individual videos, as soon as i am done with it i am going to post the link to the playlist here! SUBSCRIBE OUR MUSIC - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD OUR MUSIC - PHYSICAL RECORDS WEBSITE INSTAGRAM A shoutout to my filmmaker friend Hannes who made the original Marble Machine video with me: HANNES TRAINERDS YOUTUBE CHANNEL
Name : Reacting to MARBLE MACHINE COVERS - This made me so happy!
Album : AZvideos
Duration : 11 : 20
Source : YouTube
File format : WEBM, FLV, 3GP, 3GPP, MP4
Views : 2,682,744
Likes : 83,995
Tags : Reacting, to, MARBLE, MACHINE, COVERS, -, This, made, me, so, happy!,
Dislike : 1,103
Upload time : 10:30am 1st Mar 2017
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